About Us

Plant the Seed

Hi, I’m Sheila Plowman, creator of Veggie Evolution. Since childhood, I have loved to experiment with food. Growing up in Sun Valley, Idaho gave me plenty of space to be creative. When my closest friend and I weren’t adventuring outdoors, we were experimenting in the kitchen. Preferring to create something new rather than follow someone’s recipe, we had a blast creating our own recipes for cookies, cakes, and candies.

As a teenager, a friend taught me about the important relationship between nutrition and good health. At the time I was working at a fast food joint, living off fries and shakes, and although I was just 17, I didn’t feel very well most of the time. I started integrating healthier ingredients into my food creations, and I both felt better and got rave reviews from my family and friends.

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Give it sunshine and plenty of water

I decided to start a business with a dual goal: selling my healthy snacks and sharing some of the profits with worthy groups.  With the help of the local Farmer’s Market Director, I started sharing my creations with the community.  I developed my Kale Crisps (known as Ketchum Kale Chips at the time) during the summer of 2011. Farmer’s market customers loved them so I expanded into local stores. Later, I created “Veggie Evolution”–a superb mixed vegetable snack–as a healthy and delicious alternative to fried potato chips.

Harvest the Crop

My goal is now becoming a reality: showing people that eating vegetables can be convenient, fun, and delicious, and donating to local non-profit organizations like The Hunger Coalition, Owl House, Blaine County Museum, and the Flourish Foundation.

To my customers–Thank you for keeping me very inspired, always giving me feedback, and helping me remember to keep it fun!


organic dried nutrient dense kale and vegetable snack chips