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A Chip off the Old Kale Block

Kale chips. They’re the ultimate super food, the only leafy green I know with a cult-status-like following. And they’re here to stay. But what about all the other ultra-healthy veg? Those guys – the onions, tomatoes, zucchinis – are taking a hint, getting baked or dehydrated and crafted into seriously snackable bites. Just Pure Foods’ whole line is delectable; the pesto tomato chips are now on my Top 20 foods I could never live without.

Brad’s Raw Chips expanded from just kale into veg chips, crackers, and even onion rings. If you insist on traditional kale chips, go for Veggie Evolution – wonderfully crunchy, incredibly fresh, and they don’t crumble to pieces at the first bite, like so many of their brethren.”

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Veggie Chips Sprout in Hailey
Valley business produces World Beet and other flavors
Express Staff Writer

Three years ago, Hailey resident Sheila Plowman had just lost her job with the Youth Circle after-school program, which had closed due to lack of funding, and at age 49 was trying to figure out what to do with her life. Her friend Kaz Thea, who runs the Wood River Farmers Market, suggested she produce something to eat and sell it at the market. The idea was a natural fit for Plowman, who had long had an interest in kids and healthy food. more…

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