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“I’m extremely impressed with the taste and crunch factor of Veggie Evolution. Combine all of this into a package that contains no processed ingredients and is 100% organic? I’ve found my new Doritos!” -Ben Helstad

“My name is Scott Slonim and I am the engineering technology teacher at Hemingway Elementary in Ketchum, Idaho. We just did a fundraiser called far$mraiser and your vegetable crisps were one of the items being sold. I bought a bag. They are delicious! I can’t believe how good they are and it’s healthy! They are seriously better than potato chips. Are you selling them anywhere in the Wood River Valley?” -Scott Slonim

“I’m enjoying a bag of your Vegetable Crisps right now, and I am seriously impressed. I’m resisting the urge to devour the entire bag right now, so I can take it home and test it out on my 2-year old. I LOVE what you’ve started here, and hope you can continue to produce this quality product!” -Danny Hamilton

“I’m a health nut and love crunchy things! Veggie Evolution is now my go-to snack for satisfying my crunch-craving while eating healthily! It’s an easy way to supplement my nutrition on a busy schedule.” -Heidi Maddern

organic dried nutrient dense kale and vegetable snack chips